SMASH by Kyle Wilkinson.


David Guetta Feat. The person who sings the whole song 

It’s weird how life can be ok and not ok at the same time.


Today was ayy lmao

Anonymous said: 1-50

1) Haven’t thought about it

2) Grandparents and Nikhil, some old homies, past in general

3) thanks yo

4) just as a joke

5) back to chilling with homies

6) stay in

7) ~2 am

8) nahh

9) reading in AP Lit

10) lightweight

11) sure, but it wouldn’t be as fun

12) probably before

13) yaww 

14) yeet

15) lightweight

16) yea

17) I don’t think so

18) nothing too serious

19) nahh

20) mother

21) “I’m just tryna chill this year mom”

22) no

23) no

24) lightweight

25) annually

26) cousins in a tent?

27) yeah

28) To be outside rn, chilling with homies and people I kind of drifted from a little. Just us not giving a fuck about anything, maybe having a little story time, and enjoying the little moments we have before it’s too late, where we all grow up and start to drift apart slowly.

29) idk

30) a h a

31) no not really

32) was it really saturday?

33) some call me “krees”, others call me TLO

34) yeet

35) college apps, school, band

36) Miles Away - Years Around the Sun

37) Very lazy, introverted. Not that quick at picking stuff up. Suck at making good plans, don’t want to try most of the time, bad with feelings + friendships sometimes. 

38) It’s definitely nice.

39) no

40) My reddit timescale watch.

41) Single

42) Mother bought it from some mall.

43) No

44) I guess

45) No

46) Watching Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

47) Not completely, but lightweight

48) Alone for now I guess

49) Once

50) Lightweight

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

Featherstone // The Paper Kites